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We don't like Benedict Cumberbatch very much.

Before we're bombarded with mindless hate, might I add that we were once fans of his but have realised that he's just a complete arsehole.

The creators of the blog are for obvious reasons not willing to reveal their identities but will refer to themselves as Jane and Shirley.

You're welcome to submit/message your own complaints about Cumberbatch.

Hey there everyone. I’m happy to say that this blog is finally being updated! Thank you all for your support, and thanks to those of you who have sent in messages disagreeing with the ideas expressed here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it’s nice to have civilised discussion over those opinions. 

At the moment, I’m trying to catch up with all of the messages I’ve received over the past year, and working on a new blog entry, so stay tuned for that. 

Some updates:
Shirley will no longer be posting here, this blog will only be run by me, Jane.
I’ll be trying to post an entry every few days.
Messages are welcome, as always.

Your friendly cumber-hater,

Anonymous asked: Hi I love your blog.

And I love you, random citizen!

Anonymous asked: dont be bullied into silence

We haven’t been. Don’t you worry.

Anonymous asked: Why haven't you updated in weeks? Have you been bullied into silence?


okidokiloki asked: I hate your blog but I like the pic of Benedict on the sidebar. :D

It’s a nice picture :)


Followers, devotees, enthusiasts, stans, freaks.. call them what you will, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Fandom goes back a long way, and for as long as there have been things to admire, there have been fans to admire them. If you really think about it, fandom is a lot like religion, now I’m not comparing being a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch to being a christian or a muslim, but people treat fandom in that way.

Take, for instance, you have the crazy stans who will hound you about how perfect their fandom is, how it does no harm, and they’re the same people who will defend that fandom/the person/thing they’re a fan of to the death. (sounds a lot like religious crazies, doesn’t it? Crusades anyone?) These are the same people who claim to have special connections to whatever they’re a fan of, these are the people who get tattoos of Britney Spears on their arsecheeks. Not. Good. People.

These people will defend and argument even when the opinion they hold is proven wrong (don’t worry, that’s just human nature kicking in). This is how fandom wars start. The old “My god is better than your god!” conflict. Now, keep in mind, these are the extreme fans, I’m sure you’re aware of that, and most people who are reading this don’t partake in those sorts of things.

I’m sure you’re wondering where this ties in with Benedict Cumberbatch and his own fandom. Well, if you haven’t noticed, the Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch fandom is the most insane, downright appalling, self righteous fandoms I’ve ever come into contact with. And I’m. not. overreacting. While I think Benedict Cumberbatch is a bastard, I still don’t think anyone desreves to see racy artwork of themselves littered all over the internet. I know fans of the show who are embarrassed, embarrassed by the absolute shit that goes on in the fandom. God only knows how the actors themselves feel. And people try to act as if a hiatus between seasons gives them reason to be animals. No.

I have no problem with the shit that goes on in fandom, write gay porn (hey I read it), paint racy pictures (no one can stop you), but when this stuff becomes public, and the actors themselves see these things, you only have yourselves to blame. So stop embarrassing yourselves. Because you’re not only making yourselves seem like nutters, you’re making other fans seem that way as well. And I’m speaking for a lot of people who won’t speak up about it, because they’ll get hate for having an opinion.

Do you think Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman look at the things you say and do and like that? No, they think it’s freakish and scary. Benedict has said he’s genuinely scared of what his fans are capable of, and I think he has reason to be. So please, before you post that picture comparing Martin Freeman to a hedgehog, and posting comments saying “JAWNN” on videos that have nothing to do with Sherlock save for Martin Freeman appearing it, think of how better off you’d be if you didn’t.


Anonymous asked: If you've never met him, how do you know he talks about fans 'like some sort of disease' behind closed doors, as you claim?

Becoming a celebrity: “It was just extraordinary,” he said. “I remember being really quite scared at the Twitter thing [a global army of online fans call themselves “Cumberbitches”]. I literally did expect [someone in] a helicopter with a Swat light to abseil down over my house. It was just, like, ‘Whoa, the whole world is suddenlyinterested, and a bit obsessed.’ Just because I’m in my thirties, it doesn’t make the weirdness of no longer being private any less. I don’t think it matters whether it happens when you’re 25 or 55, it’s just very odd. Something is suddenly taken away, and it’s weird.”

I think it’s evident that he resents his fans for sort of taking over his life, he makes it clear that he isn’t comfortable with the fandom, and even feels that they’re obsessed. I’ve read this elsewhere but I can’t find the article I’d read it in but it’s along the lines of “People always want fucking pictures, like you need evidence of meeting someone”. He can’t stand his fans, he puts up with them but would rather not have to deal with them.


Anonymous asked: I think this is one of those things where I agree with everything. Maybe I am too much of a fence sitter. I enjoy his face and enjoy the way he sometimes treats people but then hate the way he treats others. But then this happens with every person. Things you like and things you dislike. I like some roles and dislike others. What are your views on his roles? Do you stop watching because it's him? I watch what I like regardless the person. I like his acting and enjoy his roles.

Ah yes, if you haven’t already noticed ‘Jane and Shirley’ correlates to ‘John and Sherly (Sherlock)’. We do enjoy his roles, that’s why we were fans in the first place. He’s had some great performances and he’s great at what he does, but a lot of time a shit personality comes with that because people who get so much admiration let it get to their heads. And Benedict’s basically done that. It’s as if he thinks he’s untouchable because he has some stans on the internet that defend his every move to the death. But some other good looking celebrity will come along and they’ll forget about him.

So, we think he’s a good actor (you can’t deny that) and enjoy some of the roles he’s played in. But as a personality, he’s just shit. The things he says are so often uncalled for.


Anonymous asked: It's apparent that you "two" are very emotionally & socially immature to be offended by the "punching above my weight" comment. He is a healthy adult who has been sexual i& admits that had doors opened to him in terms of available dating pool. It is human nature to be attracted to good looking people & you fault him for that & for being honest? LOL. Guess that ruined your saintly ideals about him. So he should have sex with ugly women because it's nicer? Give me a break

No, he shouldn’t have sex with “ugly” women because it’s “nicer”. We said nothing of the sort, he’s allowed to do whatever he want’s but we’re going to point out that we don’t agree with it and we have a right to. Just as you have the right to defend him.


Anonymous asked: Could you perhaps clarify as to why you like Martin but hate Benedict?

They’re two very different people, sure they’re playing in the same shows and movies as each other but they’re really two different people so it’s not fair to judge them as one item. We like Martin for completely different reasons as to why we dislike Benedict.