Benedict Cumberbatch Hate Blog

We don't like Benedict Cumberbatch very much.

Before we're bombarded with mindless hate, might I add that we were once fans of his but have realised that he's just a complete arsehole.

The creators of the blog are for obvious reasons not willing to reveal their identities but will refer to themselves as Jane and Shirley.

You're welcome to submit/message your own complaints about Cumberbatch.

bakerstreetbat asked: It's pretty sad that you decide to make a blog dedicated on bullying someone. Try and defend yourself all you want, a hate blog is a hate blog and that's considered bullying. Congrats on being a huge douchebag.

We’re not bullying anybody, this is a blog that was made to let out our aggression towards someone’s attitudes and behaviour. We’re not bashing his looks, or calling him names. We’re stating our opinions, and we’re stating the truth. If you think we’re being ‘douchebag’s’ then that’s on you, but we’re not the ones who blindly follow someone, and defend their every action because we’re obsessed with them.


Anonymous asked: I think it's stupid and a waste of time to make a blog about osmething you hate.

I could say the same about making blogs dedicated to something you love. In the end, none of this really matters, does it?


Anonymous asked: Just to clarify, when he's saying "punching well above my weight", he's saying he's dated women that are better looking/nicer/smarter/etc. I don't think he's ever saying it to be a cocky asshole or boast about how many women he's slept with. He's just saying that he personally doesn't find himself attractive or anything... if that makes sense lol

Usually when a man says he punches above his weight he means “I’ve slept with a lot of women who are physically more attractive than me.” It doesn’t mean that he thinks they are, it means that they are. And it’s so typical for a man to do that, get famous, bed better looking women. It’s typical and boring, and absolutely ridiculous to even speak of in an interview. His fans think he’s so classy, he’s really quite piggish. It isn’t okay to say that in an interview, no matter how badly he tries to say his words were skewed, he obviously said something along those lines. It’s just unbecoming.


darjeelingrose asked: I don't would not consider myself a superfan of his so what your saying is pretty new to me. Can you tell me more of why you dislike him?

I find him loathesome. You see, both ‘Shirley’ and myself were once fans of his, but overtime he’s become a narcissistic dickweed. And I’m not exaggerrating (well maybe a bit). There was once upon a time where he seemed to be a sweet guy, back in 2008/2009 I thought he was great, but as soon as fame took him he became an entirely different person. I guess that happens a lot, but to be honest I’m disappointed in him, and he’s just a typical jerk.


Anonymous asked: omg i'm so glad you made this blog. finally someone who doesn't just hate on his face, he actually just annoys the shit out of me, his fans do too. it's all i see on tumblr and it just gets really old. thank you. instant follow.

I won’t get started on his fans (I’ll save that for another day), but I can totally relate to that feeling of being on tumblr and having him, ‘Sherlock’ especially flooding my dash. Thanks for the follow.


Sure, we can admit that Benedict Cumberbatch is okay looking. In fact we find it annoying when people bash him purely for his looks. Really, the guy is a jerk, but that doesn’t give the right to make fun of his attractiveness, or anyone’s for that matter. That’s extremely low. No, we’re here to explain why we hate the very personality of this man, sure he’s alright to look at, he can act well, but underneath that charming exterior, he’s a complete dick.

Now, before we receive hate for calling one of the biggest names in British cinema a dick, please take a look at our reasoning, which is arranged in bullet points, so the less intelligent fans don’t become bored and start raging.

  • The man is completely dicky to his fans. And they fail to realise it. Sure he’ll act nice to you when you’re around, in his face asking for autographs, but he talks about the lot of you like you’re some sort of disease behind closed doors, I can assure you. If it isn’t evident already that he hates that aspect of being famous, then let me make it clear. HE. HATES. THE. FANDOM. Like I said, you’re not going to go up to someone and tell them “You know, you’re a real bitch.” But you sure as hell say it behind their back, what makes him any different?
  • Now, the man’s private affairs are none of my business, or anyone elses for that matter, but when he puts it out for all to see, it becomes my business. When someone is yelling from the room next door “I’m going to kill my cat”, it becomes your responsibility to correct them. I know most of this is common sense, but it seems it needs to be stated for those of lesser intelligences. So when Benedict Cumberbatch says “I’ve punched well above my weight”, that becomes a problem. Not only is he bragging about how many women he’s fucked over the past year (which is disgusting no matter how it’s said), but he’s eluding to the fact that women are an object to have sex with, solely. I know a lot of men do this, but that doesn’t make it right, and he shouldn’t feel that just because he’s famous now that he can be bedding women and not deal with the consequences. And for fuck’s sake, his fans are applauding this behaviour from him, when it’s grossly uncalled for. Women do this all the time, they admire men who act like absolute pigs, and then ask themselves why they end up with pigs. Hm, I wonder why.
  • He’s selling out. Of course he is. One hit show and the man takes on a million new job offers within the year in some vain attempt to find a mummy for his unborn child (although she can’t just be any woman). Because obviously selling out is the way to go, I assure you within a years time he won’t even look at his fans, he’ll be too busy with his head up some corporate ass, living in LA.

So, let’s get this straight, we don’t hate Benedict Cumberbatch for his looks. He’s just an awful person.


-Jane & Shirley

P.S. Feel free to message us if you agree/disagree.